The latest Terra-Jupyter-Bioconductor and R / Bioconductor Docker images are available in AnVIL and the Google Container Registry. They work like the bioconductor_docker images, with the capability to install almost all of the Bioconductor packages along with a few pre-installed “core” set of packages. The terra-jupyter-bioconductor image inherits from the terra-jupyter-r image which has all the system dependencies installed. This image has been tested on Leonardo and installs all but a few packages in Bioconductor release, which fail due to achived CRAN dependencies.

For the following images, check the in their respective repositories for the most recent image URL.

Jupyter notebooks

The following image is available on the broad-dsp-gcr-public GCP Container Registry for terra-jupyter-bioconductor.

  • Terra-Jupyter-Bioconductor is based on R version 4.1 and Bioconductor version 3.14. In Terra, it is listed with the version number as in{version} and can be used by selecting the “Bioconductor” notebook runtime. See the Terra-Jupyter-Bioconductor

RStudio / Bioconductor

The following images are available on the anvil-gcr-public GCP Container Registry.